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Perceptive Launched SMT Assembly Service

Опубликованное время: 2024-03-08 18:01:00
Perceptive Components Limited launched SMT (Surface Mount Technology), through-hole technology and mixed technology PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembly services.

SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assembly, through-hole technology and mixed technology PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembly have always played a vital role in the rapid growth of today's electronics industry, and Perceptive Components Limited has launched this newest service to provide customers with a total foundry solutions.

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SMT Assembly: Efficient and Precise Surface Mounting Technology

SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) is a matrix arrangement of pinless or short lead or ball packages of surface-mounted components (SMC/SMD) that are placed on the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB) in accordance with the requirements of the circuit, and then soldered by means of reflow soldering or immersion soldering, which is currently the most popular method in the electronics assembly industry.


Advantages of SMT:

1. SMT finished PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly), assembly density, small size, light weight;

2. SMT soldered PCBA quality and performance stability: solid and reliable solder joints, vibration-resistant, low defect rate of solder joints;

3. SMT soldered PCBA electrical stability and low energy consumption: parts foot and wiring short, fast transmission and low energy consumption;

4. SMT is easy to realize automation, improve production efficiency.

Through-hole Technology: Ensuring the Reliability and Stability of the Circuit Connection

Through Hole Technology (Through Hole Technology) is an electronic assembly technology used to insert electronic components into the holes of the printed circuit board (PCB) and connected to the circuit board by welding or other means, Through Hole Technology ensures a stable and reliable connection between the components on the circuit board, especially suitable for environments that need to withstand high temperatures, high pressures or mechanical stresses.  

 Through-hole Technology

Advantages of Through-hole Technology:

Robustness: Since the pins of the components pass through the PCB and are soldered or plugged on the other side, the connection is more robust and vibration-resistant;

Wide applicability: Through-hole technology is suitable for all types of electronic components, including transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, etc;

Ease of maintenance: if a component needs to be replaced or repaired, through-hole technology makes removal and replacement relatively easy.


Mixed Technology PCB Assemblies: Perfect Solution for Combining SMT and Through-hole Technology

Mixed technology PCB assemblies are assemblies that utilize both Through Hole Technology (THT) and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) on the same printed circuit board (PCB). This hybrid technology application can fully utilize the advantages of each technology while meeting the needs of different components, including size, performance and reliability.

In mixed-technology PCB assembly, some components may be mounted using traditional through-hole technology, while others are mounted using surface mount technology. For example, for some components that are larger, higher power or require more mechanical strength, through-hole technology is often chosen for mounting to ensure better robustness and reliability. For small, lightweight and high-density components, on the other hand, surface mount technology is more appropriate to improve PCB integration and performance.

 Mixed Technology PCB Assemblies

Advantages of Mixed Technology PCB Assembly:

1. Design Optimization: According to the characteristics and needs of the components, you can flexibly choose the appropriate assembly method, so as to optimize the design and layout of the PCB.

2. Diversity: able to respond to the needs of different types of components, thus meeting diverse application scenarios.

3. Performance and Reliability: Give full play to the advantages of various technologies to ensure that the performance and reliability of the PCB reaches the best level.

However, mixed-technology PCB assembly also increases the complexity of the manufacturing process, the need to consider both through-hole and surface mount technology requirements in the production process, and to ensure good compatibility between them. Therefore, the design and manufacture of mixed technology PCBs requires careful planning and management to ensure the quality and reliability of the final product.


Lead TimeOur assembly time ranges from 24 Hours to a few weeks. Due to the complexity of how to determine the turn time of PCBA services, our policy is that turn-time begins immediately after all the parts are ready and all the PCB files (Gerber files/other PCB files, etc.,) , Centroid (Pick & Place PNP file, or XY Data or files in other formats), BOM, and all other necessary data or documents/images/photos are complete for our assembly work.

Assembly Options: We offer surface mount (SMT), through-hole (THT), and hybrid of both. We also offer single or double-sided mounting.

Type of Solder: We offer both leaded and lead-free (RoHS compliant) assembly services for our customers. Please choose one to best fit your PCB and the parts on it.

Stencils: We use laser cut stainless steel stencils to ensure high reliability for fine pitch and BGA components. Nano-coating is available upon request.

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Various testing method will be applied to the assembled boards before the final shipment:

Visual inspection: General quality check.

Perceptive Components Limited.png

X-ray inspection: Checks for BGAs, QFNs and bare boards.

AOI test: Checks for solder paste, 0201 components, missing components and polarity.

AOI检测Perceptive Components Limited.PNG

ICT (In-Circuit Testing).

Functional test ( following your test program).

We are committed to being your partner in providing you with the highest quality and most reliable SMT, through-hole and mixed technology PCB assembly services. Whether your products are for consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics or industrial controls, we can provide you with customized solutions.

If you are interested in our services or have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to serve you.

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