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ON Semiconductor представляет решения для сверхбыстрой зарядки постоянным током, решающие ключевые проблемы для электромобилей

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ON Semiconductor announced nine new EliteSiC power integration modules (PIMs) that provide bi-directional charging for electric vehicle (EV) DC ultra-fast charging piles and energy storage systems (ESS).

ON Semiconductor announced nine new EliteSiC power integration modules (PIMs) that provide bi-directional charging for electric vehicle (EV) DC ultra-fast charging piles and energy storage systems (ESS). Silicon carbide-based solutions will offer higher efficiency and simpler cooling mechanisms, significantly reducing system cost, up to 40 percent in size and 52 percent in weight compared to traditional silicon-based IGBT solutions. This more compact, lighter-weight charging platform will provide designers with all the key building blocks needed to rapidly deploy a reliable, efficient and scalable DC fast-charging network that can charge an EV battery to 80 percent in as little as 15 minutes.


According to JD Power's 2023 Electric Vehicle Considerations Study, nearly half of U.S. consumers cited concerns about ease of charging and the ability to charge quickly enough to ensure a ride that is as easy and smooth as that of a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle as reasons for not choosing to purchase an electric vehicle. In the U.S., the number of EV charging stations will need to quadruple by 2025 and octuple by the end of 2030 to meet demand and ensure that public charging station resources are more equitably distributed to drivers.


The rapid growth in electricity demand is also putting a corresponding strain on the current power grid, which could lead to overloading. To alleviate this problem, bi-directional charging has emerged as a key solution for realizing Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) power supply, which supports both conventional battery charging and the use of electric vehicles as energy storage systems to power homes as needed.


The solution helps enable the completion of DC fast charging networks and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) power delivery systems, which, by addressing access and speed issues, can charge vehicles faster than other charging methods that take hours or even days.

ON Semiconductor offers a comprehensive portfolio of PIM products for key topologies in the market. This gives designers the flexibility to select the right PIM for the power conversion stage in a DC fast charging or energy storage system application. to accelerate the design cycle, designers can also generate advanced segmented Linear Circuit Simulation (PLECS) models using ON's PLECS model self-service generator, and simulate the application using the portfolio's Elite Power simulation tool.


For each module, ON Semiconductor ensures greater consistency and reliability by using chips from the same wafer, so designers don't have different performance results from discrete devices from different suppliers. In addition to reliability, the module portfolio offers the following benefits:


- Utilizes third-generation M3S SiC MOSFET technology to provide ultra-low switching losses and ultra-high efficiency

- Supports key topologies such as multi-level T-neutral clamp (TNPC), half-bridge and full-bridge

- Scalable output power bands from 25 kW to 100 kW to support multiple DC fast charging and energy storage system platforms, including bi-directional charging

- Available in industry-standard F1 and F2 packages with pre-coated thermal interface material (TIM) and crimp pin options

- Optimized thermal management to avoid system failure due to overheating

- All-SiC module minimizes power loss for energy and cost savings

- Provides increased robustness and reliability to ensure continuous, coherent operation

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